No eyes. No ears.

No mouth. No mind.

A Voider can't be described.

it's voided.

Voiders come to earth in every cycle of civilization, as a reminder for human kind to preserve their purest form of existence, seeking liberation through transformation. They come to help humans recover their uniqueness through endless plurality, transcending any norm, boundary or label, leaving their footprint as an everlasting integrated part of society.

VoidersClub is for those who embrace the freeing force of the new world and want to celebrate. Each of the 9999 Voiders NFTs transcend their uniqueness as an art piece collection, signifying one's commitment & enjoyment of the new economic revolution.

No matter how you plan to use the power VoidersClub gives you. Be wise! VoidersCollab Club is based on regular draws. EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

A quick look at

Our collection

Our collection

Our collection

Our collection



Aggressive marketing to increase exposure and demand for Voiders Club.
NFT + Whitelists Giveaway
Exclusive Pre-sale discount for Whitelisted Members Only



In celebration of the project launch, we’ll be giving away 2 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT


In order to create a strong and consistent community, we will be directing 20% of our Royalties profit to create weekly draws worth up to 2 ETH.

Intelectual Property

Each holder is given ownership and commercial usage rights of their NFT(s).

Welcome to the Club!

When you buy a Voider, you’re gaining membership access to a club that will increase overtime in not only members but benefits! You’ll be able to join a private discord channel, designed to propose your ideas and make decisions alongside our team about the development of future VC projects.


We will be making donations from royalties to different organizations in order to help make the world a better place.


To be announced. Stay tuned in our Discord.

Exclusive Merch

A clothing line inspired by the Voiders Club. This exclusive line will be available to Voiders Club members only.


In person events for exclusive Voiders Club members only. Parties and masterminds will be organized with influential people related to crypto, NFTs, and investing.
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How it works

To start the project launch, we will give away 2 Floor Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs.

The sweepstakes will take place after we will sell all 9999 NFTs directly on our discord channel to select holders only.

Be aware of our rules and maximize your odds!

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Bored ape 01

Only for whitelisted people who purchased 01 Voider NFT from our collection.
24h after
sell out

Bored ape 02

For anyone who has purchased at least 02 Voider NFTs from our collection.
72h after
sell out



In order to build a strong and consistent community, we will be giving 20% of our Royalties profit to create weekly eth draws!

based on Voider's rarity.

WEEK 1 & 3
Will be eligible for all verified holders. Respective draw value: 1 ETH & 2 ETH.

WEEK 2 & 4
Will be eligible owners of Voiders with rarity 1 to 999. Respective draw value: 1 ETH & 2 ETH.

Draws will be placed on our Discord channel following the rules:

1. Voider's owner must be in our Discord channel.

2. We'll call for your Voider's number. More NFTs means better odds.
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